*Disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend anyone w/ this piece about religion or God’s existence… if I do, I do not all mean any harm… Just sharing some thoughts, ya feel? I took the 16PersonalitiesTest that my friend Ivy showed me. After answering the test’s questions, it tells you what type of personality you have […]

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You Are Chaos

My friends always groan, “My gosh, my life is a mess.” And in a beautiful way, it is. By the very literal definition, a mess is chaos. But by the mathematical definition, what is chaos? We are. Our lives are chaotic systems, our minds flurrying to carry out decisions that have a multitude of unforeseen consequences, from the shirt we wear to the college we choose to attend. We are messes, a jumble of decisions waiting to be executed to unleash even more havoc on the world.

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